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I chose to read though Wired and try to find some modern twists on stories. I read through a lot of blogs, tumblers and various websites so I was actually surprised to find that I really enjoyed wired. I even ended up bookmarking it and revisiting the site quite often. One of my favorite characteristics of the site it all of the awesome pictures that they have next to their story headlines. They do a good job of catching the readers eye and forming interest with out even having to read a thing.

But once your eye is caught, the information and content in the articles is just as interesting as the colors. They don’t feature things such as the top 20 hip hop hits of 2010, or  have full length stories on Justin Barbie’s new hair cut, you find stories on topics that actually may have some prevalence in the future. The stories are not just mind dumbing dulling jibber jabber that I feel like society is constantly drowning the media in. A good article that I have recently read Is one on an underwater sculpture garden in Cancun Mexico. There is a nice, lengthy, yet not too lengthy story to go along with an awesome array of pictures.

But the stories they feature that are my favorite are the ones they do on art. They have found a really cool spin on art, Its a magazine about technology and science, so the art they feature always ties in to that. For example there is an article about a Japanese artist that has used dead sea creatures, changes the colors of their shells in to florescent pieces of art and now displays them. Once again the pictures they have on the story are enough, but the article it’s self is well written and interesting.

I really enjoy wired and I think that the content they have is their way to stand out and continue to have an influence on the media world.



The Day the Movies Died

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I would have to say that I agree with harris when he says that the movies have “died.” He brings up so many good points in his article. For example when he lists all of the movies coming out for the next couple years, he points out that all of the upcoming movies are sequels, adaptations of comics, books and children’s toys. He brings up the fact that the industry is obsessed with marketing brands, which are “familiar and unoriginal,” It’s like the industry is scared to take chances on things that people haven’t already bought. I do believe as well that it is because the only people attending the movies are men under the age of 25, so that is who they are making the movies for. The author suggests that we go out to the movies and spend our money were we want it to go. But this I will definitely not do, not only are all the movies in theaters generally bad the theater experience is as well.



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This isn’t your usual rap album. RZA, the lyrical genius and founder of the beloved Wu-tang, playing along side the infamous bassist of System of a Down, Shavo Odadjian. Not the expected pair. But, when they play together, it’s like something you would never expect to hear, something fresh for the ear. Collaboration side projects between artist is always exciting, but rarely do two such influential yet completely different artists come together.

Wu and System? The answers is yes, the album is as beautiful as you would imagine, more so even. Not only have RZA and Odadjian come together but many other popular artist such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and George Clinton also appear on tracks. The Tracks are deep and tap in to the emotions of the artist. The lyrics are poetic and focus on a greater message about bettering the world. For example “Rising from the dead, over throw the opposing. Forces of evil, controlling our people. Deuces is wild, and the wisdom is lethal” are a couple lines from the song “deuces.”

Wether your a long time Wu follower or your new to the game, this album is definitely worth your time. Beats, mixed with live instruments and the voice of RZA is sure not to disappoint.


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Interviewing is much harder than I expected. I first asked were the person had come from and tried to get something out of that. It kind of ended up as a dead end topic. But when I asked the person I interviewed about what he liked to do and what he was passionate about it got him talking more. It was much easier to talk with the person when we were discussing something he was interested in. If I had a second chance I would probably have some more time to interview to get more facts.

I interviewed Lloyd. I learned that he had a rough upbringing in Chicago, moved to Denver when he was young, began to rap and writ lyrics in middle school, graduated high school and now attends CCD. I got many good quotes from lloyd when he was telling me about his childhood.

The Angle I decided to take on this interview, because I did not have much time to develop a story profile story is to do a story about rap. I decided I would do an article on the recent collaboration project between the rappers, RZA and reverend William Burke and  Shavo Odadjian and Kinetic 9, both from metal band. I thought this angle would be a good way to fuse what lloyd and I are both passionate about. My lead is describing an experience of the show and what it is like and the second paragraph is a review analysis of the album.


3rd Rock from The Sun

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3rd rock tells the story of 4 aliens that have come to earth to study mankind. This show analizes out culture, showing it through the eyes of someone completely foreign. It mocks modern society through satire and good humored jokes. This show could easily appeal to men, women and children, thus making it a fantastic family show. The humor that it uses can be quite mature, but only to the mature eye. The particular episode I watched was all about the group of aliens trying to fit to society. They try to figure out what race and ethnicity they are, learn to dance, and many other things that humans normally and make it all seam very bizarre. The show focus’ on things that would effect all types of people, the main characters are an older, and younger man, a thirty something woman and high school boy. Through this every person can easily identify with the characters. This show is a typical hilarious 90’s family sitcom. I love the way that this show highlights the weird things that us humans do.

I don’t like reality shows at all. I feel as thought the only way that they would be interesting is if the things that happens was actually real, but remembering that they are basically all scripted, I cant stand to watch them.


Radio Broadcasts

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CPR, “DeVotchKa Releases new Album.”

This program is about the local Denver band, DeVotchKa who has recently released a new album, “100 lovers.” It is an interview with the lead singer, Nick Urata about the new album that was just produced. The Interview includes not only an in depth analysis of the album and production but it really gets in the head of Nick Urata and makes you feel like you have a good idea of how the album is a part of the artist. There are also clips of songs that they discuss included in the interview which really helps you connect with what they are talking about.

I feel like one of the main features of this interview is how the interviewer pushes the artist, Nick Urata, to talk about how the album effected him personally, how it came from him, how it really is a part of him, and the rest of the band. at one point in the beginning the interviewer even asks the question “is this awkward for you?” Which could  have ended up making the listener feel awkward, but it actually turned out positively and

just made you feel closer to Urata, it made the interview more personal.

I think that the way that the interviewer gets inside the head of Nick Urata really adds to the feel of the interview. It is an interview about the new album, and it gives a lot of information about it, but the way that the interview is formated make you just feel like you are getting to know Urata. Its is an awesome angle on the band and it’s music, I really enjoyed listening to the interview. I use to listen to DeVotchKa a lot more, maybe I will start listening to them again.

The World, “Shadowy Graffiti Artist Causing Stir in LA.”

This program is about the Graffiti artist, Banksey that is up for an Oscar award in LA for his documentary, “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” The woman speaks about what kind of artist Banksey is. She gives examples of his art work, like the ones in the London zoo. The woman tells about how Banksey keeps his identity secret and in the upcoming Oscar, if Banksey wants to accept his award on stage, he will have to show his face. The way that the interviewer gives the background of Banksey and his street art gives the reader a feel for why it would be a conflict for Bankset to show up at the Oscars. I think this program was produced well and I got a greater insight for what Banskey is currently doing with his art. I may watch the movie that he Is up to get an Oscar for.

NPR, “China Dependent On Tobacco in More Ways Than One.”

This Story is about the tobacco influences in China. The reporter is reporting from a small village in China that is reliant on tobacco. In the story, many different examples of the way China has assured the growth of the tobacco industry in it’s country are given. For example the farmers that get support from the government when they grow tobacco and the pressure from the government to grow it as well. They also include personal testimonies from local Chinese farmers that further prove the point trying to be made about the corrupt tobacco industry in the country.

By making the the story more personal by adding things like the farmers talking about the pressure to grow tobacco rather that vegetables and bringing up the tobacco museum that does nothing but highlight the pros of the drug, the story is will resinate much more with the listener. It will effect them more if they can sympathize with the victims in the story, if they can really feel it. With out the personal connection the message of it may be lost. The point of the story is to get people to act upon this information and get them to do something about the corruption, but to do this the listener must identify with the story and people involved. I was able to identify with the chinese citizens in the story, and it made me more passionate about the story and subject.

Blog Presentations

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Description- This is a blog by a group of track bike riders out of Lampur, Malaysia. The content consists of things that would interest track riders, such as new product that is coming out, track events, updates on events that are happening in this tight nit community of riders, and awesome pictures of bikes and riding. They will also often have stories about bike laws and regulations in cities world wide. Such as the story on a bike shop in AU getting fined $1,000 for selling track bikes. It is fun for rides all around the world to see what each other are up to. There are not many stories or interviews, mostly just pictures and videos.

Analysis- My critique would be that the blog is mostly video and picture. There are no lengthy stories and the few interviews are just bike setups of various riders.

Interpretation- There is probably less words than pictures because that is what the audience wants. I personally want to see videos and pictures, it is what gets me pumped to ride.

Evaluation- I think that this feature of the blog is an advantage because the purpose of the blog is to inform the reader about the ratskl riders but also just to get the other riders out there stoked on them and on riding in general. This is what the videos and pictures do.

Engagement- I could post some pictures or videos of my own crew of riders here in Denver to get the RatSKL stoked too.